Pokies Venues Falling Short with Donations

In certain neighbourhoods pokies play an integral role providing an invigorating past time for adults who don’t want to venture too far from their homes for a game of chance and some leisure. But recently health officials have raised some concerns about the other essential role these establishments play in regards to community support and tax revenue. In Sunbury in particular the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation have asked for increased scrutiny on the operating and spending practices of pokies and gambling houses after finding that many of these establishments are claiming write offs on things like cleaning and security expenses.

Currently Sunbury pokies are allowed to operate under a reduced tax burden in comparison to other hotels and resorts if they make sure to devote at least 8.33% of their revenue to things that will improve the public good and welfare. These expenditures can include things like assisted housing for the impoverished, poverty assistance and relief, and drug & gambling addiction support. The problem is that currently the pokies and gambling houses are falling short of their obligation and the local communities are feeling the pinch. Consequently, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation believes that these establishments need to rectify their behavior for the health of all.

After looking at the manner in which funds and expenses were allocated the VCGLR concluded that the majority of the pokies in Sunbury had not made the adequate amount of contributions to the requisite categories’ to represent supporting the common good. In fact they found that the majority of these funds were devoted to things like community sports facilities. While opponents of the VCGLR argue that the pokies add revenue to the community simply by existing in the form of jobs the oversight group has called this argument nonsensical.


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