Marco Rubio Reiterates Anti-Online Gambling Stance

The America Presidential elections have made a lot of waves in the world as the ideas of individuals vying for power making strange statements and assertions – particularly on the Republican side of the two party debates. One of the more prominent names in the running is Marco Rubio who, though he has been over shadowed by Donald Trump, has been making an impression with his stance on online gambling. Rubio is a hardliner when it comes to regulating online gaming and its effects on society in fact prior to his entering the ring to become the president he made efforts to outlaw the practice.

However some assert that Rubio’s gun-ho attitude towards abolishing online gambling at least within the states is bolstered by his support from the rich casino mogul known as Sheldon Adelson, who would prefer if the competition was confined to the land based and consequently, more manageable variety. Many of the people running for the Republican nomination against Rubio have pointed out the conflict of interest and corruption that this sort of relationship has implied. For his part Adelson has not hidden his opinion on online gambling or the fact that he has contributed to political campaigns in his own state to stop the wave of online betting.

Still In a recent South Carolina town hall meeting Rubio reiterated that he stands against the proponents of online gambling, when he stated “I’m very concerned about expanding gaming online … what I don’t want to see is Internet casinos, because I have seen gambling addiction ruin families, I have seen gambling expansion ruin people’s lives,”. Still he has asserted that he may be open to carving out exclusions for online poker. Consequently, one has to wonder why Rubio considers some forms of online gambling sinister and others saintly.


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