Victoria’s Pre-Commitment Will Be Operated by Intralot

The state of Victoria has recently passed a law that will enact a pre-commitment scheme. All poker machines will be outfitted with voluntary pre-commitment software, and gaming operator Intralot has been selected to install and operate the service.

Voluntary pre-commitment will allow pokie players to set betting limits before they wager on poker machines. When they have reached their limit, they will no longer be able to spend money. It is considered a highly effective harm minimisation strategy, which could help to reduce problem gambling rates in Victoria.

Intralot has a successful working relationship with the Victorian government. The company recently helped to install monitoring software on poker machines throughout the state, making it the ideal candidate for the operation of the new pre-commitment scheme.

“We are very pleased with the Government’s decision to select us as the preferred provider of pre-commitment in Victoria,” says Deputy Manager Mr. Antonis Markopoulos. “This decision follows our successful implementation of the monitoring licence project in Victoria which culminated in the successful completion of gaming venue migration in early 2013”.

When it comes to gambling harm reduction, Victoria is miles ahead of other states. Local politicians are working hard to reduce gambling rates across Victoria, and pre-commitment is a step in the right direction.


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