Victorian Government Wants to Introduce Pokie Pre-Commitment

The Victorian government has made plans to introduce a new pre-commitment scheme, which will allow players to set pokie betting limits using their loyalty cards. Local politicians are confident that the system will be successful but responsible gambling advocates are worried that it may encourage people to gamble more.

The politicians behind the new legislation believe that combining loyalty cards and pre-commitment will ensure that players actually use the cards. While many will only use them to obtain the customized promotions, others will take advantage of the fact that they can use the cards to set betting limits before they begin playing.

‘Research has shown that many players underestimate the amount they spend on gambling and may not accurately perceive the odds of winning. Pre-commitment helps players track how much gambling is costing them,” says Gaming Minister spokesperson Edward O’Donohue.

If the legislation is passed Intralot will operate the system. It will create the cards, maintain the machines and offer promotions to loyal players. Should all go according to plan, the pokie pre-commitment scheme will be available for all games by 2015. All clubs, pubs and casinos in Victoria will be required to participate.


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