Pokie Spending Data Can Help Problem Gamblers

As problem gambling becomes an increasingly prevalent problem in Australia, responsible gambling advocates are working on techniques to help curb gambling addiction rates. The solution to the issue could come in the form of pokie spending data, according to gaming experts.

The Wall Street Journal recently published a report by problem gambling professionals who claim that casino monitoring systems collect information that could actually help problem gambler. These monitoring systems collect data about each player’s spending habits, and how much time they spend gambling. The information is normally used to create customized promotions for players, but responsible gambling advocates could put the data to use in a different way.

“I find it frustrating,” said Mark Knighton, Playscan, a company which displays warnings for potentially at-risk players of European lotteries. “Casinos know their revenues are coming from problematic gamblers.”

By monitoring player spending, club and pub owners can determine which players are at risk of becoming problem gamblers. As such, they can intervene and offer assistance before the problem gets out of hand. This is quite beneficial, as many problem gamblers do not seek assistance until it is too late.


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