Coming Soon: CSI Pokies From IGT

CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) is one of the longest-running crime dramas in the history of television. Even after being on the air for more than ten years, millions of viewers still tune in every week to watch the talented team of forensic specialist solve mysteries. Now, International Game Technology is making the series into a poker machine, adding more exciting to the CSI brand.

The great thing about IGT’s branded pokies is that their gameplay is based very closely on the television show in question. In the new CSI pokies game, players will be put into the shoes of one of the members of the forensics team, solving crimes to win cash prizes. The Trace Evidence Bonus awards players generous pay outs for successfully gathering and tracking evidence.

IGT will be releasing two games as part of the CSI pokies series. One game will be based on CSI: Miami and the other will be based on CSI: New York. Currently, these are the two most watched series out of the bunch, so they will certainly attract a wide range of players.

If you’d like to play more branded pokies from IGT, there are plenty to choose from. The company has recently released pokies based on House: M.D., Cheers and Sex and the City. So, if you’re a television fan, IGT pokies will certainly appeal to your tastes.


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